Artemide, Gople T Luce+Bronze


The basic form of the Gople Lamp enhances the beauty ofglass, hand-processed according to an ancient Venetiantechnique that gradually turns white glass into crystal glassby combining both upon blowing, thus making each pieceunique. More innovative finishes are added, including silver orcopper vacuum metallization.Silver, bronze, copper and blue finishes are made with aninnovative and sustainable metal vacuum deposition process.From the point of view of environmental-friendliness,“sputtering” is the absolutely cleanest coating technology forthe type of metal used and because all emissions are abated,in particular those into the atmosphere of sulphuric acid andcyanides produced by galvanic processes.Solid paint with up to 5% of solvents (compared to 75% oftraditional products) is employed for the successiveprotective clearcoat phase.The process generates very little waste and the resultingfinish is particularly resistant over time. In any of these cases,glass finishing is designed to ensure the best relation with theemitted light, screening the source and maximizing directemission through transparency. The most basic version withthe traditional E27 or E14 joint is designed to providedifferent performance levels compared to the moreinnovative RWB version, where colours can be combined witheach other to create lightscapes that meet spacerequirements. It is a timeless solution for its flexibility inadjusting to the development of standard sourcetechnologies

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