Baxter, Allure

Baxter, Allure

Every home has its safe harbours, real spaces or feelings only seen by the eye of those living there: the slit of light opening up from a window at a certain time, the curve of a wall that accompanies the transition from one room to another, the airy breath of a living room or a perspective. With Allure, Baxter emphasises these special havens.

A series of coffee tables that interprets the circle in three different scales and defines a single one for the rectangular version, balancing an ideal equilibrium of proportions, offering for geometry a contemporary interpretation, combining the experience of the most classic forms with the demands of everyday furnishing. It is the design we have come to know and love over time that takes on a new lease of life.

In the grooves of the solid base, we glimpse the reflection of Doric columns, a functional and stable rigour which, on closer inspection, also recalls the more conceptual architectural experiences of 20th-century northern Europe. The handmade workmanship makes each table unique; the varied surface of the top, sometimes smooth and mirrored, sometimes oxidised, accompanies us into a dreamlike dimension. We glimpse moving, almost holographic images of the world we know, dense shadows and shades, ever changing.

Glossy antiqued brass

Grösse: d50xh45 cm

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