Henry Dean, Jack Summr Sablon Red


The collection consists of three series: first, “Henry Dean” with its unique art-inspired glass objects, then “Dean Flowers”, which offer the high-level florists a whole range of vases, and last but not least, “Land”, a collection for home and living environment. A true commitment to creating unique glassware in shape, color and texture is what motivates Henry Dean.

Each Henry Dean object is made from hand-blown and handcrafted glass. The use of a wooden mold is a very traditional technique for making glass objects and must be done by skilled artisans. Each time this mold is used, it burns out a bit and gives each object its unique, handmade character.

Applying color to glass and experimenting with different techniques separately or combined is one of Henry Dean’s main attractions at the moment. For example, you can apply a double layer of paint in a small kiln made specifically for this object. Another example is powdering the paint and applying it to a clear glass mass.

The small imperfections and bubbles you may find in a glass or vase are a result of how the artisans work and are part of the character of each object.

8xh8.5 cm

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