Qlocktwo, W39 English Schwarz


QLOCKTWO W takes the calming principle of displaying time in words and applies it to your wrist at the push of a button. It is available in two different sizes.

Features: display of calendar day, display of seconds, battery level indicator, water-resistant 5 ATM

CASE / DIAL: PURE WHITE (brushed stainless steel / white coated)

Size: 39 × 39 mm

  • Model: QLOCKTWO W

  • Glass: hardened mineral glass

  • Housing: stainless steel

  • Weight: approx. 50 g

  • Operation, temperature: +5 °C to +35 °C

  • Battery, type: button cell 3 V

  • QLOCKTWO W 39: type CR2032

  • Battery, service life: depending on utilisation

  • Water tightness: Precision: tested up to 5 bar

  • Precision: ±30 seconds/month

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