Alveare Led Akku Lampe


Desogn: Mario Gorini
The combination of lights, shades, reflexes and transparencies, combined with its harmonious and organic shape, makes Alveare an object of great fascination. A contemporary object which brings the thought back to the past and to far away lands, evoking the warm and relaxing atmosphere of old oil lanterns. The light comes out horizontally, illuminating the table in a discrete but resolute manner and exalting the beauty of whatever is around. The contrast between the edge and the illuminated surfaces of the 18 layers forming the lamp creates a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.
Light Source:4 W touch dimmered Le. Lithium rechargable batteries with power adapter
Dimensions: cm 16 x 16 x 18 H
Materials: Laquered Birch Wood (body) / Tanganika multilaminar wood


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